Oil Industry Tasting Tour

Oil Industry Tasting Tour

Start the new year with a tasting tour of some of Wellington’s finest upcoming strains of oil and gas.
Earlier this year OMV’s upcoming range of fine boutique oil was met with a glowing reception on the streets of Wellington.

Where: Midland Park, outside Equinor’s offices

When: 3pm, Wellington Anniversary Day (Monday 21st)

Now you too can sample some of the upcoming range of fine oil from Todd, Equinor and OMV looking for oil off the coast of our fine city. Get a taste of Wellington on a pipeline this Wellington anniversary day!

Meet outside Equinor’s offices at Midland park, Wellington, 21st January 3pm, for a tasting followed by an expert led tour of the local industry.

The local oil and gas industry is grateful to receive strong support from the Oil and Gas Industry Association, PEPANZ.


UPDATE: We’re also pleased to announce that we’ll be featuring the explosive taste sensations of New Zealand’s largest coal company Bathurst Resources.